That delicious smells that comes out of the oven when it is cooking, the seduction of the senses of hot and melted cheese, the feeling of its crisp and fluffy base… Hard to resist.

— The origin of pizza goes back to ancient times. The modern pizza evolved in Naples, Italy by a baker Raffaele Esposito. — Luis xiii made the most expensives pizza in the world which cost $12000. — The world biggest pizza was prepared by Dovilio Nardi, Matteo Nardi, Marco Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi and Matteo Giannnote in Rome Italy on 13/12/2012 with a surface of 13,580,28 ft². — The national pizza day which is on February 9 is celebrated all around the world.

The ultimate question is pizza good or bad for health? It depends on three factors to be good or bad; How you prepare it, the topping you choose and how often you eat it.

THE TOPPING AND THE PREPARATION Choosing whole-grain crusts or adding nutrients-dense topping to increase fiber content. Freshly made pizza often contain more healthier ingredients than the processed ones sold in fast-food restaurants or convenience stores. One large slice of Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Pizza contains;

Pilling on extra topping make the pizza unhealthy so be mindful with the selection when eating out. Limite the amount of cheese limite saturated fat therefore, decreasing the risks of high cholesterol and heart diseases.

HOW OFTEN YOU EAT IT Overeating any food whether a healthy choice or not can contribute to weight grain. That’s why praticing portion control is critical for overall health. It’s especially important when enjoying foods that can be easily overeating, such as ice cream, bread, cake and pizza. Whether you’re consuming a freshly made pizza or a pre-made slice, practising portion controlis an excellent way to prevent excess calorie intake.

Try filling up on a fiber-rich green salad before enjoying a slice of your favorite pizza for a more balance meal.

CONCLUSION Many people thinks that it’s the crust that makes the pizza unhealthy but it’s the topping, the more ingredients you put on top of the pizza the more calories and fat making it unhealthy.

No food is inherently unhealthy, just consume it moderately. Enjoy your weakly pizza!

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