From beer to chocolate, Belgian foods is widely varied with significant regional variations while also reflecting pther foods from neighbouring countries like France, Germany and the Netherlands. It’s often said that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German foods but with the quality of French food. Here, you will find best dishes you can eat in Belgium, along with suggestions of where to eat them.

Almost all belgian foods including desserts — are almost washed down with a glass of wine or beer. So why not pour yourself a cold one why eating one or more of these hearty dishes.


Waffles are a popular snack you will find in belguim. There’s so much confusion about the term ”Belgian waffles” but it doesn’t exist. In fact, there are two types of waffles who bothoriginated from Belgium.

  • Liège Waffle: Rounded edges and crystallized sugar baked into it which makes gives it sweetiness. This’s what is sold everywhere in Brussels.
  • Brussels Waffle, or Gaufre de Bruxelles

This sweet flaky and rectangular dish can be topped with whipped cream, chocolate, ice-cream or varios fruit toppings;

Places to eat them:

— You can get both types of waffles from trucks usually painted yellow, parked around most tourist hot-spots in the city.

Maison Dandoy for the best Liège waffles and topping varieties. Address: Rue Charles Buls 14, 1000 Brussels


Moules-frites, in french, Mosselen- Friet, in Flemish, or simply mussels with fries. This’s a classic Belgian dish you can found at just about any café or brasserie in Brussels.

The most common ways mussels are served in Belgium is steamed in White wine, in black mussel pots. Mussels, on their own, can be served as an appetizer, especially shared among friends, or you can enjoy them with fries as a main course.

You can eat it at: — Enjoy your food in a quite atmosphere here, Les Basseries Georges. Address: Avenue Winston Churchill 259, 1180 Uccle

The Lobster House. Address: Rue de Bouchers 34, 1000 Brussels.


The Belgian Américain fillet differs mainly in that mayonnaise, which is applied as a main ingredient, giving the whole dish a pastier texture. To spice things up a little, finely choppes onions, Worcester sauce, capers, and, most important of all, Belgian pickles are added to the mix.

Places to eat them in Brussels: — Le Balmoral. This’s a nice and colourfull place to go with your kids on a weakend. Address: PI. Georges Brugmann 21, 1050 Ixelles.


Grey shrimps are sweet and delicate, and they are also a part of Belgium cultural heritage. They are havesrted along the coast, from France to the Netherlands, by fishermen.

One favorite way of eating it is in a shrimp croquette. The croquettes should be thin, delicately crispy crust, so that when you break through, the creamy shrimp mixture should be molten and oozing.

Place to eat them in Brussels: — Les Petits Oignons. Address: Rue de la Régence 25, 1000 Brussels.


Fries are well known everywhere but it’s somewhat the national dish in Belgium. You’ll never hear a Belgian call them ”french fries”.

What’s best about it is that you can eat it with variety of sauce not only mayonnaise. You can try ketchup, samourai sauce or the popular andalouse, a mix of mayo and tomato sauce with a hint of paprika.

Try to expand your sauce varieties with this crispy fries.

Place to eat them in Brussels: — For varieties of sauce you can go to Fritland. Address: Rue Henry Maus 49, 1000 Brussels.


Meatballs are also a favorite in Belgium, on both sides of the language divide. It’s a mixture of beef and pork which is usually served with a rich sauce of beef stock, spices, and sirop de Liege, a fruit syrup, made from aplles and pears.

Places to eat them in Brussels: — Ball & Glory. Address: Rue Henry Maus 35, 1000 Brussels.


A Flemish stew made of beef or pork seasoned with thyme, bay leaves mustard, and evidently, Belgian beer. The choice of beer is important, as you’ll be looking to extract that bitter-sour flavor. Old Brown Beer, or Flanders Red therefore forms a perfect match. You can eat it with boiled potatoes.

Places to eat them in Brussels: — Les Marmiton. Rue de Bourchers 43, 1000 Brussels.


While there are many ways to prepare asparagus, Flemish-style is the classic way to have them. Boiled, then baked and covered with hard-boiled pieces of egg, they make for a rich vegetable dish to combine with meat and croquettes or even fries.

Place to eat them in Brussels: — Balls & Glory. Address: Rue Henry Maus 35, 1000 Brussels.


Place to eat them in Brussels: — 9 et Voisins. Address: Rue Van Artevelde 1, 1000 Brussels.

Stoemp is a creamy blend of mashed potatoes and other vegetables like carrots, kale, brussels sprouts, etc. It’s served as a side dish or as a main course with sausages.


Thin and very crunchy, this caramel filled biscuit is the most famous delights amonst many appetizers in Belgium. Usually consumed with coffee, it’s spiced and gives a different feel to the taste buds.

Place to eat them in Brussels: — Le Pecheur. Address: Rue de la Fourche 33, 1000 Brussels.


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