As we age, it’s normal to see changes in our skin, but why? It can be due to poor skin hydration, skin inflammation and oxidative stress. When you think about skincare, your mind always go to your bathroom, where all your products live. But the good news is that this time your skincare product is in the kitchen. Yes! by eating healthier you can rejuvenate and repair your skin.

Here are the best well known foods to improve your skin.


Every day, your skin is exposed to things like free radicals, secondhand smoke, air pollution, and sunlight. Fruits contains antioxidants that can help you to protect your skin against these chemicals we mentioned. Eating at least 5 portions of fruits on a daily basis can help make sure you’re getting enough antioxidants in your system so as to repaire your skin and it a natural glow.

Contains vitamin C which help to reduce wrinkles and promote collagen production.

avocados, tomatoes, berries


This free fatty acids serve as building blocks for healthy skin cells. How, exactly? ”Since our bodies don’t have the ability to produce the fatty acids, eating Salmon helps reinforce your skin’s barrier, and keeps moisture in and irritants out,” saids Leslie Baumann, MD, a certified board dermatologist and Founder of Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute.


Sunflower is high in linoleic acid, which helps to reduce cellular inflamation, which has been asspciated with aging. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which may play a role in youth boost.


Almonds contains vitamin C and antioxidant that helps to prevent signs of aging caused by free radicals and even helps to defends your skin against unwanted chemicals.


Broccoli, kale, carrots

Broccoli is a fantastic antioxidant that also support collagen production. It also contains vitamin K which helps to improve dark undereye circles. Kale is another antioxidant which is rich in vitamin A. It’s say that kale helps to reduce scars, stretch marks, and spider veins. Carrots contains beta-carotene, which is a precursor to vitamin A– This vitamin has been found to decrease oil production.


Kidney Beans, Black beans

Beans are rich in Zinc, which has high healing properties that fight acne. It’s worth adding beans to your diet to improve your skin. They are also fibrous, protein-rich food which also do wonderful things to the skin.


Rich in antioxidants and vitamin B, walnuts help protect your skin against enviromental aggressors. This in turn prevents skin damage and the appearance of premature fine lines and wrinkles.

Also, Dark chocolate, Soybeans and Green tea are so important because they gives your skin a boost since they help to reduce dark spots, wrinkles, sebum secretion and pigmentation.


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