The Workout Routine David Beckham Follows to Stay in Shape at 47

David Beckham is a former English profeddional football star who has won six Premier League titles, two FA cups, four Community Shields, and more during his carrier.

Even though he didn’t play since a decade, he has maintain a workout plan that keeps him ultra-toned and fit at 47 years old. The soccer icon shares workout clips and pics in his instagram account. In a video, you can see him doing intense floor routine with a Sorinex glider.

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Beckham and Trainer Gunnar Peterson created the DB45 Routine

The former football star work together with celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson to creat an amazing fitness routine called DB45.

“It’s obviously tailored to what I used to do in my career, some of the exercises,” Beckham told The Associated Press during a demonstration of DB45 at F45 Training Coral Gables, a day after he attended Formula One’s inaugural race in Miami.

It consists of fast moves and utilizes Beckham’s jersey numbers 32 and 23: Exercises are done in two sets at each station, the first is 32 seconds and the second is 23 seconds. After all 11 stations are complete, it repeats through a second time, according to The Associated Press.

David Routine from Split Squat to Weightlifting

It has been nearly a decade since Beckham last played professionally but he has maintained his physical conditioning and by all appearances has remained in peak shape.

In most of his video, Beckham can be seen performing elevated split squat, running, and more. Beckham has mentioned that he loves cycling not just for his own health but also because he can spend quality time with his children while being physically active.

As well as sprints, Beckham does variety of weightlifting. Not only you will burn a lot of calories, but your body become more stronger. This will decreses your chances of getting fat. Beckam’s body clearly demonstrates his weightlifting habits.

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