Hailey Bieber’s Self-Care Routine

It’s no secret that the 25-year-old model and social media star, who is known for her flawless, dewy skin knows how to look amazing regular. She told Women’s Health UK, “I do take really good care of myself, but my mom and my dad have really nice skin, so I do think genetics played a big part in mine.”

Bieber also takes skincare quite seriously and recently shared her “glazed donut” skincare routine with viewers for a truly dewy, glowing look. Below you will have an overview of Hailey Bieber Self-care Routine.

She Works with Hyram Yarbro, Creator of Selfless for her New Beauty Tips Series

Hailey Bieber

Bieber takes skincare quite seriously that she decided to team up with Hyram Yarbro, to give informations and feedback on self-care products.

Yarbro, who has 1.1M followers on Instagram, explains on the Selfless website, “Through Selfless by Hyram I want to connect the beauty industry with social change. My goal is to help people by not only creating high quality skincare with incredible formulations, but to also give people an opportunity to empower others around the world who are impacted by some of the biggest global issues known to our generation.

Hailey Bieber Loves To Mask

Bieber appreciates $4 undereye gels just as much as she loves a luxe celebrity favorite or a DIY concoction. Two of her favorites are Skin Camp Hydra-Gel Rosy Hearts Eye Masks and Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Clarifying Mask.

She Do Research Of Her Skincare Ingredients

Hailey Bieber

During a livestream with Dr. Barbara in April 2020, she revealed that she turns to EWG’s ingredients database to learn about what she’s putting on her skin. “I have been diving deep on ingredients and I really like this website called ewg.org which you can go on and look up every ingredient.

I’ll read the ingredients on the back of a box and look up ingredient by ingredient. I think it’s important to know what those things are. I think it’s really important to know what’s going on your skin and what your skin is going to be absorbing.”


Bieber told W Magazine in March 2019. “I like to meditate and do breath work. I read a book a couple of years ago that helped me a lot with anxiety It was called Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation. It was all about having different visualizations and breathing techniques to help with mental state, depression, and anxiety.” Check also, 5 Tips For a Healthy Skin.

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