Top 5 Exercises To Slim Down Your Waist And Sculpt Your Oblique

You can’t choose where you lose fat from, that largely comes down to genetics and how your body works. What you can do, is make sure you’re eating a nutrient dense diet that’s suited to your goals, at the same time as regularly exercising, mixing up strength training and cardio.

If you are looking for a way to tone those arms, we have figure these exercises for you. Arm Strengthening Exercises: Strong and Tone Arms.

The exercises below can be performed in order as their own workout, or you can pick and choose to add a few of them to your usual core or lower-body routines. Either way, we highly recommend performing each of them at least once per week! Let gets to these Top 5 Exercises to Slim those Waist and Sculpt your Oblique.

1. Oblique V Crunch

Tight those waist

This no-equipment move is what you need to tighten your waist.

Lie on your right side with your left hand behind your head and your hand on the yoga mat. Press down into your right hand as you raise your straight legs off the floor, bringing your torso toward your legs.

Lower yourself back to the floor with control. This completes one rep. Be sure to do even reps on each side.

2. Windshield Wipers

Target your hips and your core with this exercise.

This exercise target your hips while also hitting your booty and work your core. You can even place a band around your thighs just above the knees to add extra tension.

The windshield wiper works the obliques and rectus abdominus. The move requires support from your glutes and hip flexors, making it a full core workout in one exercise.

Perform three sets of 20 alternating reps (10 on each side). Rest for 30 seconds before beginning the next set.

3. Bicycle Crunches

Crunch your waist and engage your core.

This move challenges your oblique to crunch that waist.

lie flat on a yoga mat, making sure your lower back is pressed to the floor. Keep both knees bent and your feet flat. Bring your hands to the back of your head, and keep your elbows wide. Bend both knees upwards to form a 90-degree angle.

Ensure your shoulder blades are raised off the floor, so your abs are working instead of your neck and arms.

4. Ordinary Forearm Plank

Engage your core for more results.

Place your forearm on the mat and align the elbows below the shoulders. Correct your neck and spine by looking at one spot on the floor somewhere about 30 centimeters before your hands.

Hold the position for 20 seconds. Engage your core for more results.

5. Russian Twist

Helps improve your posture and slim your waist.

The russian twist engages your core and strenghthens your abdominal muscles as well as your lower back. It also helps to improve your balance, stability and posture.

This exercise targets the obliques, which are the muscles running from the ribs to the pelvic are. These helps you burn the belly fat and reduce your waist by the way.

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