Top 11 Foods To Boost Your Energy

Many different foods can provide energy for the body. The best options offer up carbohydrates, which serve as the body’s primary source of energy, along with fiber and protein for a gradual release of energy. When eaten in this specific combination, you’ll feel sustained fuel and stamina to power through your day.



Pick energy-sustaining ingredients like almond butter, leafy greens, low-fat milk, fruit and even your favorite protein powder. High in fibers and protein, smoothie will definitely fill you and fuel you through a busy morning.



ey have lots of iron so it helps make blood cells strong to deliver oxygen where it is needed. This ultimately helps give you energy,” says Dr. Ilene Ruhoy, MD & PhD, and founder of the Center for Healing Neurology.


Lentils are a whole food carbohydrate that provide fiber, iron, and plant-based protein to provide energy-boosting amino acids, keep blood sugar stable, and provide consistent fuel and energy


Kimberly Gomer, MS, RD, LDN, and the Director of Nutrition at Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa likes edamame for the plant protein, which she says keeps her full and energetic. Plus, it has the perfect combo of protein, carbs, and fat to keep blood sugar stable and give you an energy boost.


Yes! They are very sweet, but it’s a key for optimal energy. Bananas are a good source of fiber to promote digestion and boost immunity. one way to enjoy bananas while simultaneously staving off a sugar spike is to frozen banana blended with cocoa powder, peanut butter, and milk.

This combination can mimic the taste and texture of ice cream, but instead of a heavy dose of added sugars, you’ll get vitamins and minerals to support your nutrient needs.”

Rice Cake with Sliced Turkey

Brown rice cakes with sliced turkey combine together aid to get macronutrients. It is very important to always include some protein when you eat a carbohydrate. It also helps to eat every three or four hours to ensure adequate energy.


They are a great energy boosting food because they are packed with key vitamins, minerals and good fats like Omega-3’s.


Energy boost foods

One of the favorite energy boosting foods is salmon. Thanks to Vitamins B, salmon contributes to many positive health benefits. Also, it helps to fight against fatigue, since it’s a source of Vitamin D.


Water is essential for many cellular functions, including energy production. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, making you feel tired and sluggish. Staying hydrated can help fight feelings of fatigue and give you a boost of energy.


This grain is a great source of protein. Quinoa distribute energy to the body over time and, it’s essential for tissue repair thanks to it protein content.


Popcorn can be an excellent low calorie, energizing snack. “This low-calorie, whole grain is packed with fiber and carbohydrates to give you a steady release of energy.


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