Best Exercises For Bingo Arms That Will Firm Flabby Arms

They are many reasons why we develop bingo wings, but it’s mostly comes from genetics, diet and lifestyle. ‘People naturally hold fat in different areas of their bodies so if you’re noticing it more in your upper arms that could be one place that your body generally tends to store fat,’ said by Lyndsey Forfar, studio manager and trainer at F45 Vauxhall.

Many women deal with dreaded bingo wings. The struggle is real when it comes to hiding this area and even more so when trying to tone it. In order to tighten up flabby arms, especially the back part –performing strength training exercises for your triceps must be the priority. Here, are some best exercises to firm those flabby arms.

Front Raise

Hold a pair of dumbbells in front of your thighs. keeping a slight bend in the elbow, raise one dumbbell up in front of you to shoulder height.

Lower and repeat with the other arm.

Lying Extension

Lying on your back, hold a pair of dumbbells with arms bent by your ears.

Keeping your upper arms still, extend the dumbbells to the ceiling. Repeat the set two to three times.


Yoga unites the body, mind and soul through a series of flowing poses. These poses aim to ease tension, strengthen and aligh the entire body. ‘Practicing yoga daily help to lengthen and tone the muscles of the body, while also supporting our facia health,’ says Deanne Olive-Pickard, a yoga teacher and co-founder of The Wellness Work

Tricep Dips

Another great arm-toning exercise is the tricep dip. The tricep muscle has the biggest surface area in the arm, so exercises that will strengthen the tricep and give you a more defined appearance.

It’s a quit tough exercises that you can perform everywhere so don’t worry if you ca, only do five sets.

Bent Arm Pullovers

Begin this final exercise by lying down on a flat bench and holding up a single dumbbell with your arms out. With your elbows bent, begin pulling the weight back behind your head until you get a lat and triceps stretch at the bottom. Once at the end, pull the weight back up while extending your elbow. Flex your triceps hard to finish before performing another rep.

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